Thursday, October 8, 2009

Noelle Pix --- for your viewing enjoyment

Just a bit o' news from our life lately...

I had a special treat for Noelle when I picked her up from preschool Monday...

As a reward for participating in gymnastics class that morning.
And yes, bribery was involved.  Sweets are always a good incentive for our munchkin!

Cuz even though standing on her head was fun, ish...

...THIS contraption scared the heck out of her last week (her first gymnastics class).  Her buddy, Teagan, was just ahead of her in line and performed some fancy whirly twirly technique (Teagan has been taking evening lessons for some time).  Noelle watched and decided being a future olympian wasn't "all that".
Bouncing on a mini trampoline into a somersault is extra fun!

Squeaky-clean and oh so cute!

Our silly girl!

"EEERRRRR UUUGHHHHH!!!  If I turn it juuuuust right, I should be able to lift this thing..."

Noelle had been asking for several weeks to get a "jack-o-lantern pumpkin". 
Last week we obliged and drove to Linda's Produce a few blocks from our house.  It's not a pumpkin farm, but Noelle enjoyed it.
The pumpkin farm came that weekend (pix to follow)...

After finding a pumpkin, we spent some time at the local bookstore.  Eric and I took turns reading kids books aloud.  And you can see that Eric is really getting into it. ;-)
 My big cutie and my little cutie

Noelle:  the growling voice of the Big Bad Wolf

Grammy's scarecrow isn't very scary.  Noelle thought it was a big doll and wanted to carry it around.

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Virginia said...

Thanks for all the latest updates! It's good to see you blogging again...I was missing it. Little Noelle is growing up goodness! And you made me hungry for chocolate now...LOL