Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Taiwan Blog

I just wanted to remind everyone to check in regularly with our Taiwan Adoption Blog.


I have posted quite a bit of information over the last month. Things are definitely moving forward, but we still have quite a journey ahead of us before we can bring this precious girl home into our family. Loved ones, we humbly ask for your prayers. Thank you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CRASH!!! My Computer is Dead!!!

Bad news, friends.
I am posting from my phone, which I really hate to do. It is slow, tedious, and cramps up my thumbs. It also is very limiting in terms of formatting and using photos. It is a last resort. But my computer crashed. I never thought it would happen to us...

UGH!!!! This is not a good time for this to happen. We have been working on a number of adoption grants for our little CY over in Taiwan. And we were right in the middle , literally, of a BIG ONE (online application 99% filled out; written "essay" questions nearly complete) and the thing locked up tight. For good. It ain't foolin this time. Baby is in lala land. It is truly dead.


So that grant work is lost and we have to start over. :-( Our hundreds of family photos appear lost, our many documents and records lost...our TAIWAN DOSSIER which we scanned in item by item...all appears lost.!!!

I am trying really, really hard not to freak. I am a low tech girl and my mind is boggled. Fortunately Eric has a couple people in mind who may be able to go on a search and rescue mission for all those very important bits and bytes. Oh Jesus please save our data!

We were hoping to delay this (getting a different computer) for several months from now, because all our extra (???) pennies need to go to the adoption-- but now we truly have to replace that once reliable ole computer with something that can hack the beating we give it on a daily basis.

Hey, anybody know of some good online stores for reburbished computers?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hanging Out In KS and MO

UPDATE: We are home in TN - whew! Had a great trip but find ourselves more exhausted than before we left! LOL I'll post pictures and details when I can. Gotta get some rest and this week Eric and I want to celebrate our 14th Anniversary!!! :-)
We made it safe and sound to our destination and are having a great time with the Wellman's. Noelle and Reagan are best of friends (interspursed with loud but brief spats). It's been quite amusing. ;-) And of course we have some adorable photos and fun stories.(Look for those on the blog at a later date)

Eric did very well on his black belt test today (he is now 3rd degree!) and walked away with only a few large bruises! lol It was great to visit with all of our old friends and training partners and their families. We even had 2 of our previous students get their 1st degree black belts! So cool!

We head to Richmond tomorrow and are looking forward to fellowshiping with church and community friends. After lunch we will slowly make our way back to TN.

So there's the summary. Longer version later. I'm beat and heading to bed. Tomorrow morning comes early...

:) Jen

Monday, June 15, 2009

Only 30 More Miles!

We decided it would be easier and more practical for Noelle and I to hang out in Excelsior Springs and eat supper while Eric goes to karate class-- instead of first driving to Ottawa, KS (our ultimate destination, home of our friends, the Wellman's).

This sign shows 30 miles to Richmond, MO (then 20 min. on to Excelsior), our stomping grounds for the last 10 years, up until this past August. We sure do love our new Chattanooga friends ("family"), but it will be fun to be back in familiar territory again. :-)

See ya'll soon!!!
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From the road (and change of plans for WED)

Right now we are on I-64 West about 15 min from St. Louis. The morning has been relatively uneventful...though I suppose I could talk about the gourmet dining experience in our room, or about getting doused by the shower-- after I had done my makeup and had my hairdo real cute...nah, I won't make you listen to that. Anyhoo, we had a fair nights sleep in a Super 8 ("fair" because our highly excitible child was highly excited for hours-- after bedtime). We are driving in rain the whole way along with some heavy downpours. Please pray for our travels. Noelle is doing well so far but bored out of her goard. Earlier while I was talking on my cell to my mom, and Eric was concentrating on the rainy roads, Noelle found a roll of paper towels to play with. Before we realized it, she had unraveled the whole role, wrapped many towels around herself, made a pillow, tore a couple sheets to bits, then shoved most of her arm in the tube and got it stuck. Oh my! What creative fun, and all for the low low price of $2!

Ok, about Wednesday evening. As it turns out, our schedule this week is very complicated. Therefore we find we need to cancel our dinner plans in Excelsior Springs. So sorry! We still would really love to see you at the karate test Saturday or church/lunch on Sunday.

Gotta run now. We are stopping for lunch...trying to find something with a PLAY AREA! :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Come see us here:

WEDNESDAY-- 4:45pm meet us in the lobby of Appleby's Restaurant in Excelsior Springs (69 Hwy) for an early dinner

SATURDAY-- 9:00am come see Eric show his "tough and tumble" side as he tests for his 3rd degree black belt at the Tiger Dragon Karate Club , Thompson Ave, Excelsior Springs

SUNDAY-- 10:30am join us in worship at Richmond First Nazarene church on S. Shaw St - and maybe we can get a crew together for lunch afterwards! :)

(And hey! I just realized we'll get to take a peek at our old house! Maybe we'll bump into the new owners?? ;-))(Remember...it's just across from the church)

We are so looking forward to seeing ya'll!!! Be ready for some hugs!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're Coming To MISSOURI!!! (the specifics)

For those of you in the Richmond area, we wanted to let you know we are heading your way---

Saturday June 20 we will be in Excelsior Springs for Eric to test for his 3rd Degree Black Belt in karate. 9:00am @ the Tiger Dragon Karate Club (421 S. Thompson Ave.; Excelsior Springs, MO 64024)

Sunday June 21 we will be attending services at Richmond Church of the Nazarene.
10:30am Morning Worship Service (411 S. Shaw St.; Richmond, MO 64085)

The week of June 15 we will be staying with our friends, the Wellman's, in Ottawa, KS. However...we will also be out and about during the week and Eric will be spending time each evening in Excelsior Springs to do some more training for his test. We would dearly love to see all our friends! Send us an E-mail if you'd like to connect. :-)

the grass is always greener

Eric took today off since he worked so many extra hours last week. The lawn had become quite overgrown so he decided today was a good time to mow. Noelle really wanted to accompany him outside and "help" (note: our mower is the NON motorized type that depends solely on muscle and speed). We would have let her tag along except for one thing -- Noelle had a very whiny morning, and we are working hard to break her of this. So we told her she would have to stay inside this time.

A very disappointed Noelle sought out Plan B - cooking for her dolls in her play kitchen. She did well for quite awhile...until I asked her to go check on Daddy. She ran with great gusto to the front door (glass) and dragged her little stool over to sit and watch his progress. She gave me a blow-by-blow of the event, including the fact that her Daddy was talking to some other man and that man gave Daddy a different mower (our neighbor lent him his gas, motorized mower). Before long she was shouting at the door and waving her arms to get his attention. Eric was quite focused outside and unaware of the ruckus his little munchkin was creating inside.

It began something like this...

Noelle: Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hiiiiiii Daddy! Hi Daaaaaaaaaaddy!
Come here!
I'm in here!
Come heeeeere!
(This went on for some time, varying her speech pattern and switching some words around from time to time for effect.)

Daddy, Daddy, Help me!
HELP me Daddy!

Daddy, I have a problem!
I have a PROBLEM, Daddy!
(Again, this continued for a while.)

I went to the door to see what all the commotion was about.

Me: Noelle, what's wrong sweetie? What is your "problem"?

Noelle: My problem is I NEED to go outside with Daaaaaaddy!

Me: Honey, I'm sorry, but you can't go help Daddy mow with that motorized mower. It's not safe for little girls. He'll be done soon.

Noelle's facial expression was one of great dejection. Quite pitiful, really. I bit back a smile. I went back to work and she went back to her pleading.

Noelle: Daddy, come Inside and play!

Daddy, I want to go Outside and play!


Daddy, Stop - Playing - With - That - Mower!!!

(In an even more scolding tone...)

Daddy you can't use that mower. It's somebody else's mower. Give it back, Daddy. You're a naughty boy, Daddy!

(No response from her Daddy outside, so...)

Daaaaaddy!!!! Come heeeeere!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I need serious help...

Last night I had a bizarre dream, likely spurred on by the Rocky Road icecream at 9:30pm. Of course I can hardly remember what it was about now... But I do remember that whatever I was doing in this dream - or whatever was happening in this dream - made quite an impression on my dream-self.

I remember my dream-self being amazed at what was unfolding before me and frantically reaching for my cell phone. My dream-self said, "No one will BELIEVE THIS!! I've GOT to get some pictures and put them up on the blog!!"

Yep, sad isn't it.
I think I need help.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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