Friday, May 22, 2009

God's Chisel

You've gotta watch this video! A friend sent it to me in an email. Wow! I think it will speak to your heart as it did to mine.

Woa Woa Woa, Mr. Post Man---

*UPDATE* Our check finally arrived!! Thanks, Lord!

Ok. Weirdness. We haven't gotten our mail for the last 2 days (and we always get mail). And yes, our neighbors have. We checked. Eric went to the post office just a bit ago to see if they were mistakenly holding our mail. They were not. So, we have the name and number of our postal carrier and have been encouraged to call him first thing tomorrow morning.

In addition to this, our check from the sale of our MO house is also MIA. The missing check may or may not have anything to do with the glitch here in TN, however. It just so happens that back in MO there has been some flooding in the region and postal service has been delayed. We thought this could be the cause of the missing payment, but we also discovered that the title company cut our check a few days later that what was the original plan. Feelin' a little concerned here. Our $ may or may not be missing.

Boy am I glad we aren't expecting something really important like, immigration documents or translated Taiwanese paperwork or something. Then I'd really be freaking!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Please pray for my mom today

*UPDATE2: Tests show she has 3 separate "conditions", all unrelated, and all painful. Poor mom!! She's on several medications and finally got a bit of sleep last night (first in days). A couple of these "conditions" will be issues she'll have to keep an eye on in the future. The other likely involves some minor surgery. But nothing life threatening, praise Jesus! She is in much better spirits today. Thanks for praying. I know she and my dad really appreciate it.

*UPDATE1: The doc is not sure what is wrong. Sent her home with a pain med and another one for the symptoms. She goes in for a CT Scan first thing tomorrow. Thanks for praying friends!*

She and my dad are here in town (they continue to "camp out" in their new place as it is being completed, before they officially move in) and mom has been having some swelling and severe pain in her side for the last 4 days. She was able to get an appointment with a gastro-intestinal specialist at one of the hospitals in town for this afternoon. My dad and I are very concerned and would appreciate your prayers for my mom's health and that the doctor will be able to discover the cause-- and find the solution. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upcoming Posts

I feel I need to apologize to my faithful readers out there for not providing any juicy Noelle stories or fun pictures lately. Trying to get the Taiwan home study completed and getting the house sold has zapped much of my time and creativity.


I do have several posts "in the works". You see, whenever a story idea comes to mind, or if I receive a fresh insight from God, I try to jot down ideas in my BlackBerry. That way when I have the leisure time, I can write the post and hopefully do it justice. I have several "partial posts" saved here in the blog, but I've got to find that leisure time to finish writing them. One post will be about Mother's Day. I also have (mostly) written a book review for a fabulous memoir I recently finished reading. I think many of you will enjoy that. And some cute Noelle stories, and photos...

So they may be late, but I'll get 'em to you eventually. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Verse from the Psalms for Mothers

-Adoption is not Plan B-

God has proven this statement true in the lives of those who have been personally touched by the miracle of adoption. However some of you reading the blog may be new to the idea of adoption for your own family. Maybe you are struggling with infertility. You wonder why God put the desire in your heart to be a parent, yet you seem unable to conceive. Or maybe you have a life which seems so chaotic with the children you already have, yet you feel God tugging on your heart to do more- to "care for the orphan". Or maybe you simply fear you won't be able to fully love a child that doesn't come from your body.

Whatever your fears, God hears and understands...and He has reassurance for all those doubts. Just check out this awesome verse from Psalm 113!!

"He settles the *barren* woman in her home as the happy mother of children."

Wow!! Did you read that? Read it again. When I discoved this passage recently in an adoptive mother's memoir, the words practically lept off the page. I nearly shouted out loud- right in Barnes & Noble cafe! Isn't that an incredible encouragement and reassurance?! God is telling us that His FIRST PLAN for many moms (and dads) is to create their family through ADOPTION! How cool is that?!

And it shouldn't surprise us. After all, isn't ADOPTION what God does with each of us through the death and resurection of His son Jesus? He takes us as His own - with all of our bruises and baggage - and never looks back. And all of heaven rejoices!

I like the word "settles" as used by the NIV. This indicates that bringing a child into our home through adoption will not create 'a disturbance' in the family. (Don't we all like to plan out our lives and dislike anything that interfers with *our* goals...) Rather it will bring a sense of 'rightness' and completeness into our home.

"Barren" obviously refers to a child with no 'biological' connection. The writer of the psalm couldn't speak plainer here. A child coming not through birth, but by the hand of God. And the depth of love and comittment is just as real and just as sure.

Then the mother in the passage is called the "happy mother" of children. This mother is not one who regrets her decision to adopt. This is not a mother filled with doubts and insecurities. This is a woman filled with JOY for the gifts (children) God has given from His own hand.

If God has been speaking *adoption* into your heart, I challenge you to lay all your fears, doubts, questions and insecurities at His feet. God is The Maker of 'The Plan' for your life. He will give you complete peace when you say YES to His call. And then there will be JOY! You will be a "happy mother" of children!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


After 9+ months on the market, we are thankful and relieved to be able to say that God sold our home back in Missouri. We signed the final papers this past Thursday. Things didn't turn out as we had imagined, but we know God is still on the throne. He taught us valuable lessons about faith and trust and the sustaining power of His hand. We walked away with almost nothing on "the deal", yet we walk away with our freedom (yay!! no more mortgage!!) and the belief that God has a purpose in all of life's struggles. Praise God!!!

Apart from the business side of things, we just really miss our home! Before moving in, we spent a full 6 months reconstructing the interior of a gutted 100 year old home. The after we moved in, we contunied to make improvememnts and decorated it so that it truly felt like our place. We poured lots of love into that structure. It's strange to realize that it really does not belong to us any more. We have such precious memories! This was the place where we have our first memories of Noelle joining our family. We had beautiful times of fellowship with family and friends-- laughter, tears, warm conversations, praying, singing and praising God. Our Heavenly Father blessed us with this lovely home and we are grateful for the time we had to spend there.

~Enjoy the (previously unseen!) photos of some of my favorite rooms~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our MO house is almost sold

We will sign and notarize several legal documents tomorrow morning and fax them to our realtor. Unless some weird thing comes up last minute, come Wednesday the sign on our front lawn (which we won't be able to see, of course) will say, "SOLD"!!!!

:) :) :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cute Preschool Photos

Such a pretty smile!

This is Noelle's Tues/Thurs 2 year old class - The Red Room. It looks like some of the 3 year old class members have joined in for the photo. Boy there sure are lots of cheesy grins here! Nolie-girl looks quite composed there in the center, however. :)

Here she is creating the Great Masterpiece~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It looks like things are progressing towards the sale of our home back in Missouri. Tomorrow is the last day for the buyer to ask for any stipulations to add to the contract. To this point they have not asked for anything more be done to the house. The inspector/appraiser for their bank did insist some work be done in the basement to improve water drainage. They are only willing to give the loan to the buyer in the amount they need if everything is "up to snuff" (my words, not the inspector's).

So this week a friend of ours in Richmond is working on the basement. Eric almost had to drive the 12 hours to MO to do the work himself but Richard (thank you SO much, friend!) agreed to help us out. The same inspector will look at the basement on Thursday to make sure the job is done to his satisfaction. Please, please pray that this last detail will come together for the sale to proceed as planned(note: it is supposed to rain there Thursday...).

Barring any unexpected problems or delays, it looks like we will close the deal on May 13. God is good! We do so appreciate the many people who have been praying for our housing situation these many months. We know God hears our prayers.

Once the sale is official, I hope to post some photos of the interior and exterior-- maybe as a way to say goodbye?? Although I will be glad the burden of the mortgage will be removed, I really miss our lovely home back in Richmond. After we purchased the house, we spent 6 months in renovation before the 100 year old home was ready to move into, then spent the next 4 or so years continuing with improvements. We have literally given our blood, sweat and tears to make that house a home. We have so many wonderful memories spent within those walls with family and friends. I will be sad to see it go. I pray this new family will create their own joyful memories and that before long, this empty house will be a home filled with love and laughter once again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cuddles in the Car

My two favorite people!