Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It looks like things are progressing towards the sale of our home back in Missouri. Tomorrow is the last day for the buyer to ask for any stipulations to add to the contract. To this point they have not asked for anything more be done to the house. The inspector/appraiser for their bank did insist some work be done in the basement to improve water drainage. They are only willing to give the loan to the buyer in the amount they need if everything is "up to snuff" (my words, not the inspector's).

So this week a friend of ours in Richmond is working on the basement. Eric almost had to drive the 12 hours to MO to do the work himself but Richard (thank you SO much, friend!) agreed to help us out. The same inspector will look at the basement on Thursday to make sure the job is done to his satisfaction. Please, please pray that this last detail will come together for the sale to proceed as planned(note: it is supposed to rain there Thursday...).

Barring any unexpected problems or delays, it looks like we will close the deal on May 13. God is good! We do so appreciate the many people who have been praying for our housing situation these many months. We know God hears our prayers.

Once the sale is official, I hope to post some photos of the interior and exterior-- maybe as a way to say goodbye?? Although I will be glad the burden of the mortgage will be removed, I really miss our lovely home back in Richmond. After we purchased the house, we spent 6 months in renovation before the 100 year old home was ready to move into, then spent the next 4 or so years continuing with improvements. We have literally given our blood, sweat and tears to make that house a home. We have so many wonderful memories spent within those walls with family and friends. I will be sad to see it go. I pray this new family will create their own joyful memories and that before long, this empty house will be a home filled with love and laughter once again.

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