Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Please pray for my mom today

*UPDATE2: Tests show she has 3 separate "conditions", all unrelated, and all painful. Poor mom!! She's on several medications and finally got a bit of sleep last night (first in days). A couple of these "conditions" will be issues she'll have to keep an eye on in the future. The other likely involves some minor surgery. But nothing life threatening, praise Jesus! She is in much better spirits today. Thanks for praying. I know she and my dad really appreciate it.

*UPDATE1: The doc is not sure what is wrong. Sent her home with a pain med and another one for the symptoms. She goes in for a CT Scan first thing tomorrow. Thanks for praying friends!*

She and my dad are here in town (they continue to "camp out" in their new place as it is being completed, before they officially move in) and mom has been having some swelling and severe pain in her side for the last 4 days. She was able to get an appointment with a gastro-intestinal specialist at one of the hospitals in town for this afternoon. My dad and I are very concerned and would appreciate your prayers for my mom's health and that the doctor will be able to discover the cause-- and find the solution. Thanks so much!


Carrie said...

Praying over here at the Kreuer house for your Mom!

Jennifer&Eric said...

Thanks Carrie! We really appreciate it. :)