Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upcoming Posts

I feel I need to apologize to my faithful readers out there for not providing any juicy Noelle stories or fun pictures lately. Trying to get the Taiwan home study completed and getting the house sold has zapped much of my time and creativity.


I do have several posts "in the works". You see, whenever a story idea comes to mind, or if I receive a fresh insight from God, I try to jot down ideas in my BlackBerry. That way when I have the leisure time, I can write the post and hopefully do it justice. I have several "partial posts" saved here in the blog, but I've got to find that leisure time to finish writing them. One post will be about Mother's Day. I also have (mostly) written a book review for a fabulous memoir I recently finished reading. I think many of you will enjoy that. And some cute Noelle stories, and photos...

So they may be late, but I'll get 'em to you eventually. :)

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