Friday, May 22, 2009

Woa Woa Woa, Mr. Post Man---

*UPDATE* Our check finally arrived!! Thanks, Lord!

Ok. Weirdness. We haven't gotten our mail for the last 2 days (and we always get mail). And yes, our neighbors have. We checked. Eric went to the post office just a bit ago to see if they were mistakenly holding our mail. They were not. So, we have the name and number of our postal carrier and have been encouraged to call him first thing tomorrow morning.

In addition to this, our check from the sale of our MO house is also MIA. The missing check may or may not have anything to do with the glitch here in TN, however. It just so happens that back in MO there has been some flooding in the region and postal service has been delayed. We thought this could be the cause of the missing payment, but we also discovered that the title company cut our check a few days later that what was the original plan. Feelin' a little concerned here. Our $ may or may not be missing.

Boy am I glad we aren't expecting something really important like, immigration documents or translated Taiwanese paperwork or something. Then I'd really be freaking!

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Carrie said...

EEEEK- I hope it is nothing big!