Saturday, May 16, 2009


After 9+ months on the market, we are thankful and relieved to be able to say that God sold our home back in Missouri. We signed the final papers this past Thursday. Things didn't turn out as we had imagined, but we know God is still on the throne. He taught us valuable lessons about faith and trust and the sustaining power of His hand. We walked away with almost nothing on "the deal", yet we walk away with our freedom (yay!! no more mortgage!!) and the belief that God has a purpose in all of life's struggles. Praise God!!!

Apart from the business side of things, we just really miss our home! Before moving in, we spent a full 6 months reconstructing the interior of a gutted 100 year old home. The after we moved in, we contunied to make improvememnts and decorated it so that it truly felt like our place. We poured lots of love into that structure. It's strange to realize that it really does not belong to us any more. We have such precious memories! This was the place where we have our first memories of Noelle joining our family. We had beautiful times of fellowship with family and friends-- laughter, tears, warm conversations, praying, singing and praising God. Our Heavenly Father blessed us with this lovely home and we are grateful for the time we had to spend there.

~Enjoy the (previously unseen!) photos of some of my favorite rooms~


Krista said...

Congrats on the house selling. We own two homes now and have been trying to sell one. I'm hoping some good luck vibes will come our way too!

Carla said...

It is a beautiful house!!! Congratulations on selling, and hugs for the "loss" of that as well. I know full well that bittersweet feeling.