Sunday, June 28, 2009

CRASH!!! My Computer is Dead!!!

Bad news, friends.
I am posting from my phone, which I really hate to do. It is slow, tedious, and cramps up my thumbs. It also is very limiting in terms of formatting and using photos. It is a last resort. But my computer crashed. I never thought it would happen to us...

UGH!!!! This is not a good time for this to happen. We have been working on a number of adoption grants for our little CY over in Taiwan. And we were right in the middle , literally, of a BIG ONE (online application 99% filled out; written "essay" questions nearly complete) and the thing locked up tight. For good. It ain't foolin this time. Baby is in lala land. It is truly dead.


So that grant work is lost and we have to start over. :-( Our hundreds of family photos appear lost, our many documents and records lost...our TAIWAN DOSSIER which we scanned in item by item...all appears lost.!!!

I am trying really, really hard not to freak. I am a low tech girl and my mind is boggled. Fortunately Eric has a couple people in mind who may be able to go on a search and rescue mission for all those very important bits and bytes. Oh Jesus please save our data!

We were hoping to delay this (getting a different computer) for several months from now, because all our extra (???) pennies need to go to the adoption-- but now we truly have to replace that once reliable ole computer with something that can hack the beating we give it on a daily basis.

Hey, anybody know of some good online stores for reburbished computers?


zsjmom said...

ooooo - I am so sorry! That just stinks! However, I would like to make a suggestion for your files. I put all my pictures on Snapfish. If my computer crashes, that is an online service where I can retrieve them. If you order prints once a year, it is free, and I have four years worth of pictures stored there (I have been known to take hundreds in a single month). I also back pictures and important documents up on flashdrives, very easy to put a folder on there for each month. Disasters can still happen, but losing pictures is soooo hard. I hope a computer person retrieves those documents.

Judi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this! Praying that you will be able to retrieve your valuable documents and pictures!

Lisa said...

OH NO...this is my worst fear, but I have faith that something CAN be the very least to save your photos!! I'm so sorry this is if IA isn't crazy enough with all the twists and turns, then this.....ack!

Off subject, this blog is is your family!!
Hugs!! Lisa

Carla said...

I know that many photographers have GREAT luck with online services that can find data on "deleted" hard drives and such. If the computer just died, the hard drive might still be good, and you might be able to access it if you plug it into another computer.

I need to email you anyway....we have got to plan Sept thing out!!!

Jennifer&Eric said...

Thanks Gals! You have provided some good advice and options to consider. Our hard drive is currently being "operated on" by a computer friend of ours. I pray he can help us. If not, we will try some of your suggestions. And from now on - I've learned the hard way - I back-up my data!!! Eeeeekkk ;-)