Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the grass is always greener

Eric took today off since he worked so many extra hours last week. The lawn had become quite overgrown so he decided today was a good time to mow. Noelle really wanted to accompany him outside and "help" (note: our mower is the NON motorized type that depends solely on muscle and speed). We would have let her tag along except for one thing -- Noelle had a very whiny morning, and we are working hard to break her of this. So we told her she would have to stay inside this time.

A very disappointed Noelle sought out Plan B - cooking for her dolls in her play kitchen. She did well for quite awhile...until I asked her to go check on Daddy. She ran with great gusto to the front door (glass) and dragged her little stool over to sit and watch his progress. She gave me a blow-by-blow of the event, including the fact that her Daddy was talking to some other man and that man gave Daddy a different mower (our neighbor lent him his gas, motorized mower). Before long she was shouting at the door and waving her arms to get his attention. Eric was quite focused outside and unaware of the ruckus his little munchkin was creating inside.

It began something like this...

Noelle: Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hiiiiiii Daddy! Hi Daaaaaaaaaaddy!
Come here!
I'm in here!
Come heeeeere!
(This went on for some time, varying her speech pattern and switching some words around from time to time for effect.)

Daddy, Daddy, Help me!
HELP me Daddy!

Daddy, I have a problem!
I have a PROBLEM, Daddy!
(Again, this continued for a while.)

I went to the door to see what all the commotion was about.

Me: Noelle, what's wrong sweetie? What is your "problem"?

Noelle: My problem is I NEED to go outside with Daaaaaaddy!

Me: Honey, I'm sorry, but you can't go help Daddy mow with that motorized mower. It's not safe for little girls. He'll be done soon.

Noelle's facial expression was one of great dejection. Quite pitiful, really. I bit back a smile. I went back to work and she went back to her pleading.

Noelle: Daddy, come Inside and play!

Daddy, I want to go Outside and play!


Daddy, Stop - Playing - With - That - Mower!!!

(In an even more scolding tone...)

Daddy you can't use that mower. It's somebody else's mower. Give it back, Daddy. You're a naughty boy, Daddy!

(No response from her Daddy outside, so...)

Daaaaaddy!!!! Come heeeeere!!!!

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Carla said...

Oh poor little Noelle. But I bet Daddy loved using the motorized mower on a hot day. ;)