Monday, June 15, 2009

From the road (and change of plans for WED)

Right now we are on I-64 West about 15 min from St. Louis. The morning has been relatively uneventful...though I suppose I could talk about the gourmet dining experience in our room, or about getting doused by the shower-- after I had done my makeup and had my hairdo real cute...nah, I won't make you listen to that. Anyhoo, we had a fair nights sleep in a Super 8 ("fair" because our highly excitible child was highly excited for hours-- after bedtime). We are driving in rain the whole way along with some heavy downpours. Please pray for our travels. Noelle is doing well so far but bored out of her goard. Earlier while I was talking on my cell to my mom, and Eric was concentrating on the rainy roads, Noelle found a roll of paper towels to play with. Before we realized it, she had unraveled the whole role, wrapped many towels around herself, made a pillow, tore a couple sheets to bits, then shoved most of her arm in the tube and got it stuck. Oh my! What creative fun, and all for the low low price of $2!

Ok, about Wednesday evening. As it turns out, our schedule this week is very complicated. Therefore we find we need to cancel our dinner plans in Excelsior Springs. So sorry! We still would really love to see you at the karate test Saturday or church/lunch on Sunday.

Gotta run now. We are stopping for lunch...trying to find something with a PLAY AREA! :-)

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