Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excuses, excuses!

I have a whole list of excuses for why my blogging has fallen off in recent weeks (...months...).  But the list would bore you, and I certainly don't want to bore my readers! :-)  I do know that there are some faithful aunts, cousins, parents, far-away-friends who check regulary for new posts (or at least there were??!).  To you good folk, I say "Sorry." :-( 
But in my defense, such as it is, I am in gooooooood company.  When I do grab 5 minutes here and there to scan others' blogs, I often read posts similiar to this one. 

And what is our BIG EXCUSE???

Yes, it's the truth.  I have been spending more time posting photos and stories and chatting on facebook than writing about family stuff here.  I am really trying to limit my time on the computer so I can be engaged in my real life (virtual reality is no reality!).  So the blogging has suffered.  I do hope to continue blogging long term, as I enjoy writing and I do like to document the life of our family.  But realistically I may only get a couple posts up here every couple weeks.  Sometimes I stress myself out with self-imposed blogging deadlines.  So I think I'm better off to just concentrate on 3-4 posts a month and be satisfied.  And if I get more in, that's just a bonus!

But for those of you who want more of the Johnson's, become my facebook friend!  Just click on the facebook badge on the top right of this blog.  It will take you to a page where you can request to be my friend.  Okay?  Hope you come find me!

~See ya'll at my next post!

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Lisa said...

Come back to us O ye who has been lured to the FB!! LOL That's why I have not signed up yet....I've heard it sucks you in! :)