Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here's those Memorial Day photos I promised...

Noelle, Danny and Reagan on the Wellman's front porch

On Memorial Day we took a drive to Kansas to visit our dear friends, the Wellman family. We had such a wonderful visit and Noelle and Reagan had a blast getting to know each other better. After lunch at a Chinese restaurant (to celebrate a special milestone in Reagan's life) and before nap time, the girls went a bit crazy through the upstairs of our friends' home. Or maybe a more accurate way to put it would be, Noelle went a bit crazy and Reagan followed suit.

Oh, the running and the screaming!!
Oh, the giggling and the hugging!!

The girls were enthralled with one another. What fun to watch! I'm not sure Lisa and Danny had heard quite that decibel of girly laughter in their house before our daughter invaded the place. Then, royally wound up, we put the girls to bed in rooms opposite one another. As the grown-ups attempted to visit in the family room, Reagan and Noelle continued to chatter, loudly, unimpeded by their closed doors. I was tempted to peek in at Noelle with a "Shh! Time to go to sleep!", but we all agreed it was all just to humorous to put a halt to the show.

After nap time (yes, they did eventually sleep, in spite of themselves) we all went outside. The girls were just adorable the way they walked around the yard together holding hands. They posed graciously for the cameras, looking like movie stars of the 40's, in their sparkly sunglasses and 'haute couture' purses (Walmart and Target, I think). What a fun day! I hope we get to do it again soon. Next stop - the zoo!

The Photos...
Enjoy the photos below. No, I mean it. Really enjoy the photos, 'cause I tried to download all of the pictures we took that day to Flickr, but after about 2 hours - nothing! So here's the few I managed to download directly to the blog. Ugh. I hate dial-up!!)

Note: Matching outfits on Noelle and Reagan are courtesy of Lisa W., toddler stylist-extraordinaire

Holding hands with my buddy

Posing in the back yard

The 2 mommies w/ their 2 sweetie pies

2 friends snuggle up

Just chillin'

Eric needed a place to put Noelle's doll - cute honey!

Also, here's a link to the Wellman's photos on Flickr. And this is just a few. I think Danny said he took well over 300 photos of the girls that day. Yep, we are suckers for our little girls!

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