Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Update???

I've had a few inquiries recently as to "What's up with you and the blog?!?" So I got on here and realized it really has been ages since I last posted. Oops. So much has happened, so there is lots to tell. I just haven't been home much lately. I do apologize for the delay. But shucks and gee-whiz, it makes me feel awfully special that ya'll care. ;-)

To you Noellettes out there - those of you who say, "Enough posts about the happenings of Eric and Jen and the church and blah, blah, blah. Just give us the new pictures of Noelle already!!" To you folk I say... Hold your horses! They're coming! And if you're really patient, you might even get a video, or 2 or 3. That's right. My new cell phone has a camera / video feature. Fun, fun, fun! I never worry any more about forgetting to bring the camera or wondering where our camcorder is. I've got one on me at all times. The new mom in me says, thank you oh inventor of this modern technology!

Here's what's in the works:
-our 6 month adoption post-placement visit with the social worker
-Noelle's 2 year check-up at the pediatrician
-a recent visit with both sets of grandparents
-and various exploits around the beautiful city of Chattanooga

I hope to get a few photos posted this weekend, but due to our church's big 100th anniversary celebration this weekend (and my parents will be staying with us for a couple days), it might be early next week before I unveil all the grand news from the Johnson's (er, uh, maybe not grand exactly, but whatever...).



Terri said...

Hello Johnson family,
Welcome to the area! I saw your post on the FCC yahoo group and just wanted to say 'hi'. Our Teagan (from Chongqing) turned two this past May. I actually recognize a name from your blog list..The Businda Family. I've known Ronda's mom for many years. She is here in town.
Hope to meet you soon..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! We were starting to have withdrawl symptoms! LOL! My, she is growing!

So, Miss Jennifer, do you remember all those days I brought Nattie to your house and I was a mess and was rushed and couldn't remember which way I was going? I always remember thinking of how put together and calm you were.....NOW you know! LOLOL! But oh, isn't she worth it!


Angie Dunn (Nattie too!)