Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We met our Noelle 6 months ago today!!!

Goofin' with daddy after our adoption agency group Easter Sunday service in the Guangzhou hotel

I am feeling so emotional as I look through photos and reminisce about our China trip this past March. Some days I look at Noelle and am amazed that I really have a daughter. April 2006, when we turned in our application to the adoption agency, seems like many ages and dreams away. Back then, the concept of "Daughter" was so vague and fuzzy and full of hope and longing. Now it is a running, shouting, giggling 30 pound spit-fire of a reality. Ahhhh...we are blessed!

Here are a few photos taken from March 17, the day we first met Noelle JiaZhen Johnson:

**BTW, our official 6 Month Post Placement Visit (required by the China Center for Adoption Affairs) with our agency social worker is scheduled for next Tuesday evening. This is where China confirms that they (tho' we know God did it) placed *Lu Jia Zhen* with loving and caring parents and that she is healthy and thriving. I'll share the details with you next week.


Anonymous said...

In looking at her eyes, there is a huge difference in Noelle's expression, then through now, as she develops more comfort, bonding and attachment. What a blessing to see!


Carla said...

I can't believe how fast it has gone as well. It seems like just yesterday sometimes, and then other times it feels like she was ALWAYS with us.

The Potocniks said...

Hey guys,

We've been following your blog since we got home...and we are praying for your house to sell. Sorry we never did get that playdate together. We'll just have to come to TN sometime!

Take care, happy 6 months!
Alissa and Jason

Carla said...

How are things going? it's been over 2 busy you can't see straight? ;)