Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday Pics

Here are a some of the pics we took at Noelle's party yesterday - our first opportunity to share a birthday celebration with our daughter. What a fun and special day!!

Noelle seemed to enjoy her party, though maybe a bit overwhelmed. Her 1st birthday passed in the orphanage, so I don't know if she was given a party or even a cake. My guess is no, because there are so many children to care for. When we sang the birthday song she actually was a little disturbed and hid in my shoulder. The candles even frightened her and she didn't want to blow them out. But once she got to lick the frosting, she loosed up and got down to partying. Like any kid, the opportunity to rip open presents was not to be missed. And by the end, she was all smiles. Yay for our 2 year old! We love you, Nolie!

Oh! I gotta rush off. Gov. Sarah Palin is about to speak to the RNC...!

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I can't believe she's younger than Katie. Definitely MUST get together soon. :)