Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Big Girl is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can hardly believe it!

I've grown used to saying when asked, "She's 19 months old", "She's 21 months old", "She's 23 months old"... Now my little munchkin is a BIG munchkin. Yesterday morning mom and I were visiting at the kitchen table (my folks are here for a couple days) when Noelle ran by at top speed to shout some bit of news to us. Seeing her in her size 3T shorts and top I exclaimed with surprised realization to my mom, "She's HUGE!!!"

When did our Nolie turn from our baby to our little girl?

We never had Noelle as an infant. We missed seeing her first smile, first tooth, first word or her first steps. That bothered me for a while. But God made up for what we missed by what we have gained.

We have a rich life with a precious child.

Noelle has a smile that lights up a room and everyone who sees it--
Her goofy chuckle and quirky sense of humor is a joy to us daily--
She loves to sing and dance with abandon (makes me think of King David dancing before the Lord in praise)--
She eats her veggies! (usually)--
Her excitement for life helps us see the ordinary in a brand new way--
She is learning to pray to Jesus and enjoyes us reading from her 'Toddler Bible'--
We love to watch her tenderly hold and whisper words of love to her doll-baby--
Her demonstration of care and compassion towards a hurting child makes us so proud--
Our morning snuggles together in bed or on the couch before we face the day are priceless memories--
And we love the way she trusts us implicitly and has given us her whole heart--

Thank you Heavenly Father for choosing this most precious child, so perfect for our family!

(We have a family celebration planned for later today. Check back this evening for photos and details!)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Noelle!!!!!!!

Wish we could be there to help you celebrate!!

The Houstons

Carla said...

She's in 3t?! at 2?! She's going to tower over my Katie when we finally meet. *sigh* It's amazing how even though Katie is tiny (she's in 12-18 months), she doesn't look like a baby anymore either. It's full personality, full speed ahead...and oh the fun is just beginning!

Happy Birthday Noelle!!!

chambrick said...

Happy Birthday to our special new friend! We hope you had a fun day!
Love, Ethan & Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Noelle! Just so you know.... she will ALWAYS be your Little Girl, regardless of how old (or big) she gets! :-)

Ernie & Nancy