Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pleeeeeeease Pray for Our House to Sell...SOON!

Eric and I would ask that you join us in prayer. We really need to sell our house back in Missouri. We know the Lord has a buyer out there for us - the right buyer. We are just praying that they show up SOON.

Thankfully we are able to live in the church parsonage here in Chatt. We don't have 2 mortgages to pay as others do. That is a huge help and blessing. However, being so very far away, we can't participate in the marketing / advertising process nor can we perform upkeep on the property.

Eric and I desire to honor the Lord in our finances and our goal is to be debt free. Paying for a house that no one is living in seems like poor stewardship to me. ;-)


Do YOU know of anyone in the Kansas City / surrounding area that is looking to purchase a home? Our home is only 35 miles NE of downtown Kansas City, MO, and many people in the Richmond area commute to work every day because they prefer to raise a family in a smaller community.

For the interested - and the just-plain-curious - here is the realtor's link to our home. It includes a Virtual Tour which you may enjoy. (I just have to add-- when I saw our home on video, I realized just how much clutter we have around the place. Yikes! Please overlook it and love us anyway. :-)

When our house DOES sell, you can be sure I will praising the Lord here on the blog. Just please, please, please keep those prayers comin'! Thanks!!!

(Would one of you less technologically-challenged bloggers out there please tell me how to include a link in my blog without the whole long web address showing?!? I will be eternally grateful! And so will all the folks who read my stuff.)


Snap said...

I'll pray for your house to sell (add us to your list soon though). :)

to change teh link....go into edit, highlight and copy to have a "copy of it"

go and write something like "Our Old Home" and highlight all of that text, above the editing box is a symbol of something that always looks like a world with a paperclip over that button, and paste in the link you OK and it should make it a clickable link with only the words "Our Old Home" showing.

Once you have it clickable...go and delete the old text. :)

OR, you can delete the old text, go the website of the listing, select the text in the address bar and copy it...then paste it into that weird symbol box. ;)

Jennifer and Eric said...


Thanks for the advice. I will try this and see if I can get it to work. Cross your fingers--

BTW...Who are you?? I tried to view your profile but it was restricted access or something. I want to know who to pray for (your post indicated you would be selling your house soon as well?)


Carla said...

Snap is CARLA! LOL Katie's Mom.

I thought I had caught all the ones I posted to under my new "email" for a new blog I'm doing that's more anonymous (for 1+ years after coming home).

*sigh* trying to do too much! LOL

Anonymous said...

You have no shortage of friends in this area who would no doubt be happy to help with the maintainance part, should the need arise, so don't worry about that part. Ernie and I volunteer, and we can being the Twosome. Bill and his crew will no doubt work with you on the decision-making part. Still, not being able to be hands-on would be disconcerting....

It is a darling home, well-maintained, and will no doubt sell when the time is right. Hang in there!

Prayers said on your behalf,

Jennifer and Eric said...

Oh! ...Carla!

Whew. Thought I was loosin' my mind there 'cause I couldn't recall who someone was.

Thanx for the prayers, help and advice!


Jennifer and Eric said...

Nancy-- That is awesome! Thanks for your kind offer. Our next door neighbor Aaron is "keeping an eye on the place" and will be mowing the lawn, but about other stuff...? I want to contact our realtor and see what types of maintainance she would recommend to not only keep the place up, but to maybe improve anything left over from our wild move out of there.

I confess, I am still a bit nervous about the state of the place when Eric left. I am the detail oriented person of the 2 of us when it comes to the interior, and he tends to 'miss' things, bless his heart. I wonder if the paint needs more touch-up or are there little repairs that could help the over-all appearance of the interior, etc.

I will keep your offer in mind if I find out there is something to be done. BTW -- You guys rock!

:) Jen