Monday, September 8, 2008

Thanks, Chattanooga First Church!!!

At long last, the continuation of "The Johnson's Land in the Eastern Time Zone"

(Sorry for the delay. All the photos were on my parents' camera since ours was packed away. I just got their memory card a few days ago. They don't have email...)

Let's tell the story in pictures:

When Noelle and I pulled up to the parsonage with my parents, we were greeted with several cheery posters both inside and out. The messages were from the folks at Chatt 1st and made us feel very welcomed.

And the cupboards and fridge were stocked with food - dry goods, canned goods, meats, dairy, pastas, frozen meals, etc. etc. etc. plus yummy snacks we don't normally purchase (mmm!). We also found weeks worth of paper products, freezer bags, soap, diapers for Noelle (and some cute gifts for her, too), and tons of other practical items. I'm probably missing something, but my brain was overwhelmed by people's generosity. It was just so amazing I could hardly take it all in!

Look at all these cars! We had a tremendous crew show up to help unload the truck.

Originally Eric planned to make the trip from Missouri to Chattanooga on a Tuesday. He ended up being delayed due to some final house preps and made the drive on Wednesday instead. In this photo you can see Eric pulling the UHaul up the hill to house. Noelle and I were SO excited and relieved he made it safe and sound. Thank you, Jesus!

Most of the truck was packed in a very orderly fashion. Really, it was. You just wouldn't know it at first glance. Look out beloooooow!!! That bike is aimed for your head...!!!

Here's our handsome "Foreman" for the job. (Someone found him a hardhat to complete the picture.) He was told by several folk to sit down and rest and just direct traffic. He weakly protested and managed to shove a few bites of lasagna down his throat. A little fuel for the body and we got this sweet grin out of him.

Way to move that love seat, guys - you're hardly even breaking a sweat! (Except for the sweat brought on by the, like, thousand degree Tennessee temps at 7:00 in the evening!)

(That might be a slight exaggeration.)

Things are beginning to wind down. A relief for everyone.

Here is the wonderful group of new friends from Chattanooga First Church who moved us in. What a fabulous turnout! And this isn't even everyone. A few had to head out before the 'official photo' was taken.

Eric and I are still humbled, amazed and blessed by your act of kindness on that hot August evening just about a month ago. You helped us feel so special and loved. May God richly bless you for giving of yourselves!

We love you guys!!!


Carla said...

oh how SWEET they all were! so glad they were able to help you as you both needed it and deserved it.

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing ourpouring of love! How wonderful! We know this has been a great move for the family. (But we still miss you!)

Angie and Nattie

Demetria said...

I am sooo glad you all arrived safely...we miss you but you look like you are in good hands...we have been praying for you all...ho the time has flown...Love
Demetria and girls