Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Noelle's Latest Antics

(I've been working on this post for awhile but just now got around to posting. Here goes!)

What's our munchkin has been up to?

--She continues to gain lots of new words almost on a daily basis. Here are just a few:
"Chicken" though she says it like "kitchen" (same 2 sounds only backwards)
"Nope" which for the time being has replaced "No no no no No" (and is just as annoying...)
"Silly" as in silly Noelle, silly Mommy, silly Daddy, silly kitty, silly shoe, etc.
"Bible", hope she uses this often throughout her life
"Kids" and "Friends" which are now her primary motivation for attending church (used to be the singing)
"Move", hadn't heard her say this one until she recently told Grammy to "move" out of the rocking chair for Mommy to sit (oops! Sorry Mom!)

But my favorite word of all is "Mommy".

My heart and my ears had long waited to hear this word. We arrived in Chattanooga on a Monday. The next day she started calling me Mommy. Oh, what a sweet, melodious sound!! And I find it particularly charming when she "practices" it by pointing to my chest saying "Mommy", nodding emphatically as if saying, "I dare you to contradict me on this. YOU are MY mommy, no ifs, ands or buts about it!" To think this precious child is mine (and Eric's and Christ's), my daughter - it still takes my breath away! (And still freaks me out when I remember I'm responsible for this kid! Eeeek! LOL)

--She has been opening...doorknobs! I suspect she's had this 'dastardly' ability for quite awhile, but the child-proof knobs on our doors in Richmond were successful in preventing her unauthorized entry. Our Chatt home is not toddler-proofed. Our "stuff" is no longer safe. Tubes of toothpaste, bottles of scented lotion, sticks of deodorant, rolls of toilet paper, clean bath towels, secret birthday presents, mommy's chocolate candies-- run for your life! The Invasion is coming!

--Toothbrush time is exciting for Noelle. She is gaining in skill every day. I think that soon she may be able to keep a new brush longer than 2 weeks (instead of chewing it up 'til it resembles a fir tree). Mostly she loves to imitate the fine hygienic examples of mom and dad. She sweeps the brush over her teeth a few times, then with an awful hacking rumble low in her throat, she "spits" on the floor. Lovely, just lovely.

--Noelle has a boyfriend. His name is Eli. He is little blonde fellow that she plays with at church. Noelle talks about Eli frequently and pleads almost daily to go to church to see her "friend E-why" and "toys" and have some "fun". His parents tell me he reciprocates the emotion. Awww. It's just like all the great romance novels.

I could go on, but this brag session has been quite long enough. All parents know that their kid is the best and the brightest, and I'm no exception. I'll save the other stories for another day. ;-)

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