Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daring Pet Rescue

When Eric should have been relaxing and enjoying his birthday dinner, he found himself conducting a Search-and-Rescue mission for our cat Stormie-too.

In the music room / office, a mountain of my music books have remained stacked in boxes against the wall next to some corner bookcases. They are the perfect launching pad to a highly desirable perch - from this height the cats can gaze out the window to the woods behind our house.

This perch has one major drawback. There is a large empty space at the corner where the book cases meet. To a cat this is both an inviting challenge and a deep, dark chasm. To Stormie-too, this was a temptation too hard to resist.

From the kitchen during dinner, we saw our kitty make her usual leap to the top. But rather than sitting down to gaze at the woodland creatures, she drifted ever so casually towards the black hole. Before we knew it, we heard a "meowEeeeeeeeeeeeee---- thunk!"

We pounded on the wall, got a bewildered"mrrreow!" and were relieved that Stormie was okay. Eric, our man of amazing wit and stunning resourcefulness, got out his trusty power drill, took apart the book shelves and saved the day!


Guess what?!? It took less than a minute and a half to upload all 5 photos! In the old days, this same project took me all evening. I LOVE you, High Speed Internet! Sigh. :)


Carla said...

LOL oh man...having had a cat who did similar stupid things, I can hear the "meow" and I can see the look your cat gave you when you rescued him. Yes, I can...that "What took you so long?" look.

Guess a board or something will find a way to close off that lovely temptation?

Redmom2005 said...

Oh my goodness, would it be rude of me to LAUGH?!! That is almost too funny!!! Those pets are just like having another child, aren't they?!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! I hope you are all doing well, and getting settled in!! Noelle is just ADORABLE (love the new pictures of her)!! What a blessing, huh?!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the cat story!!! And the pictures to go along with it are priceless!! Funny, funny!
Eric feeling better? We love seeing pics of Noelle!
Sharon & Lauren

Anonymous said...

hey. its natalie. that picture is so cute. we know. we have alot of cats. 2 cats can be a hand full.

nattie .