Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Night in Richmond

Well folks, it's been an emotional and eventful few days.

We have said our goodbyes - the farewell Open House Thursday evening and the church service / potluck today were very special. God has truly blessed our family with many special friends who have loved and cared for us over the years.

Most of our belongings are tucked away safely in the U-Haul, which sits in our driveway. The rest is in boxes (or about to be in boxes) stacked up against the walls of our empty rooms. Eric will take Noelle and me to the airport first thing tomorrow morning, and our flight is scheduled to arrive in Chattanooga around 5:30pm. Then Eric will load up the rest of our things into the truck with a couple buddies. We also have some friends coming over in the afternoon to help with the final cleaning so our home is in "showable" condition. (Nope, we didn't get it sold by-owner, but know that God has a plan. We are praying our realtor can sell it very quickly in spite of the current market.)

We are headed off to bed now. Our little angel is sleeping soundly thus far and hopefully Eric and I will do the same. We have both shed tears tonight and I wouldn't be surprised if more fall in the coming days. We are sad to close this chapter of our life in Richmond - 10 years of memories - but look with anticipation to the surprises God has for us in Chattanooga.

The next time you hear from me, it will be from a more southerly zone. And good news, people! I'm gonna have high speed Internet! Woohoo! You know what that means? More pictures!!!

So check back in a few days. When we get settled and get our computer hooked up, I plan on filling you in on our farewell parties and share some photos. I'll also let you know how our respective journeys went and share any other interesting tidbits that occurred along the way.

One last thing-- Do please pray for Noelle and me as we fly, my parents as they travel from Knoxville to Chattanooga (with a U-Haul - they're gonna give us a few pieces of furniture), but most especially my hubby as he drives a 26 foot truck with a trailer behind for our car AND 3 cats in the front seat (that could be interesting - maybe he will have some "fun" stories to share to the blog-esphere...) Thanks!

Please forgive my rambling. Signing off from here in Richmond. Love to you all--



FurX4 said...

You all have been on my mind all day, praying all is well and you'll be reunited without event. Stopped by your blog to get an update.
Looking forward to your next update from TN!

Richard/Karen said...

We are really going to miss you guys. We'll have to keep in touch