Friday, August 15, 2008

Eric caught a BAD bug this time

Please pray for my poor hubby. He's been feeling pretty lousy for several days, went to see the doc here in Chattanooga a couple times, and discovered yesterday that he has a pretty bad case of...MONO!!!

This is NO fun at all, if you know anything at all about the disease. He's still in the contagious phase and was told firmly to avoid close contact with other people for the next 5 days and rest, rest, rest for the next 2-3 weeks. He still plans to preach his first sermon Sunday morning, but will be hiding out in the prayer room before service and leave quickly after. He wants to spread the love, not the Mono germs.

These instructions are very difficult for my on-the-move man. He proclaimed this evening, after 1 day of mostly lying on the couch working on his laptop, "Jen, I'm bored!" Later when I was feeding Noelle her dinner, I caught him moving boxes into the attic. Hello!?! Is this resting?!?

As Noelle and I are headed out Sunday afternoon to my folks for a couple days (to avoid his "cooties"), I've got some spies enlisted to keep an eye on him and to make sure he's a good patient. If anyone sees him engaging in unrestful activities while I'm away, please contact me immediately. :-)

p.s. we still don't have internet at home...


Anonymous said...
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Carla said...

when I had mono as a 19 year old, I remember being able to do stuff and have some energy. However, when it hit...that "MUST LAY DOWN NOW" phase, I would sleep. So, I would say, just let him do as much as he feels able to but be very very careful about over-doing it. The spleen is enlarged with Mono and chance of rupture is really high.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a good thing.... to teach Eric to RELAX (does he ever do that?) and take time for some self-care. The Serenity Prayer says it all: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

There is more to that, which many people do not know, but here's to the hope and prayer that Eric takes care of himself enough to heal as fast as possible!

Ernie & Nancy