Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hard Habit to Break

During the past several weeks preparing for our big move, Eric and I have found ourselves allowing some bad habits to develop in our daughter. We discovered that keeping a toddler occupied while her parents- paint trim, run power tools, pack china dishes, stack high towers of book boxes- is a difficult feat.

To keep her safely out of the way and happy, we have found ourselves bringing her high chair into the living room, turning on some PBS "edu-tainment", and plopping her down with a bowl of cheese crackers and orange juice. (I may also have been seen on more than one occasion, plying my child with a second and third tempting snack just to buy us a little more time...and a toy-free floor.)

We have also become prone to passing out cookies and other sweets. Oh my!! This is something we determined never to do. "Our child's lips and sugar? Never the twain shall meet! Only broccoli and apples shall pass through her shiny, cavity-free white teeth!" And especially not after she has just gorged herself on McDonald's french fries.

Speaking of McDonald's. You know you are headed for trouble when your child can spot a McD's paper sack from a 100 paces, and she screams, "Foo!! Foo!! Foo!! (food)" with the excitement of scoring a game-winning touchdown. Watch it, Noelle. People might begin to get the wrong impression. That your parents never cook. That we've never heard of cavities or high cholesterol or The Food Pyramid.

Incidentally, Noelle has now learned to say the name of her favorite restaurant. As soon as she spies the familiar sign, she shouts, "Donald's! Donald's!" with such complete happiness, you'd think she was passing through the pearly gates, not the golden arches.


FurX4 said...

These things happen! She remains an adventurous happy child who still tries to eat anything you plop in front of her! When you all get settled in TN, your true selves will emerge and "Donald's" will return to TREAT category!!
In Christ!

Anonymous said...

Junk food is a toughie, that is for sure! Just think of the short-AND long-term affects. Will she eat whole wheat crackers, carrot sticks and cucumber "chips" (slices)?

Goodness knows, your little sweetheart has energy enough to burn all of those calories!

Have you thought of having a mother's helper to corral Noelle while you and Eric pack? Or allowing Noelle to spend some time elsewhere? Having packed with 4 kids underfoot, it is easy to see how you and Eric are being challenged into multitasking!

Ernie & Nancy

Elissa said...

We have done the same thing! We even gave Lily a lollipop on the plane, and would do it again in heartbeat-- it totally worked! I would pack a couple for your flight. A few maybe... :) We'll be praying for a fun yet uneventful adventure!

The Harrells