Friday, July 4, 2008

We're in trouble

Noelle loves going to the store, probably too much. Every outing is a big adventure to our tiny tot. Super WalMart is the most fun - shopping for household items and groceries. For several reasons...

-She looks forward to the snacks and drinks mommy packs (and before you say, "Jen, you'll spoil her," if I pack the right amount we can just about make it around the store and through the check-out before a meltdown occurs).

-She loves taking her Chinese doll baby on a field trip (or her Magna-Doodle or some musical toy or her sticker book).

-She loves imitating me by caring her own purse complete with keys, wallet, toy cell phone (thanks Grandma!), toy baby bottle, and a variety of odds and ends she has picked up back at the house.

-She is the proud 'Holder of the Shopping List', and sometimes even my pen, if she is quick enough. She also inspects each item entering and exiting the cart. Some items, when not meeting her approval, are unceremoniously dumped or tossed from said cart (usually in the path of a startled shopper).

-She is fond of the attention she receives wherever we go. At least, she fond of the attention if the visit is brief. She's a girl on the move. Her motto is, "Let's not stop for a chat, please. I require not words but ACTION!" But since she's still somewhat of a celebrity in our town of 6,000, these visits are frequent and sometimes lengthy. Eric and I can't go out without friends, acquaintances and complete strangers fussing and tickling and asking questions about Noelle.

-But probably her most favorite part of the whole adventure is the shopping carts. She loves riding in the shopping cart (I have been known to do cart pop-a-wheelies or run at top speed and stop suddenly) and gets excited when I settle her into her colorful fabric cart cover (germs, man, germs!). With her munchies, sippy cup and toys surrounding her, she is happy as a clam.

Now I know all this sounds like normal stuff for a 22 month old. You probably wonder what is there to be concerned about. The reason I say, "We're in trouble!" is this.

Today Noelle came with me to WalMart to pick up a few last items for the holiday. When we arrived at the light to turn into the parking lot I explained what we were up to. When the light turned green and we rounded the corner, recognition flickered in her eyes. She saw the giant WalMart sign, raised her arms high in a gesture of triumph and shouted gleefully, "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!"

When we got close to the building, her eyes grew wide and she popped her fist into her mouth. She began chewing her knuckles in anticipation, all while chanting "oh oh oh oh oh oh".

See what I mean?

We're in trouble.

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