Friday, July 4, 2008

Yay for Independence Day! (pictures added)

Here's our American Girl, all excited about what the day has in store. What joy it is to have this sweet child in our life! She came to us from half a world away and has turned our world upside down. I look into her beautiful olive-skinned face and lovely dark eyes and see a Chinese girl AND an American girl. Two cultures have been joined through the miracle of adoption. I often wonder what future God has in store for our family and our (His) Noelle JiaZhen.


I feel incredibly blessed to be living in a country where we can freely worship and serve our Lord, and I am deeply thankful for the men and women who have given their lives or are currently serving in the armed forces so we can keep that freedom. We are a truly fortunate people to be citizens of a nation founded by men who loved God and believed in personal freedoms. I pray that this country never looses sight of how good we have it and will do all we can to keep it that way. Go USA Go USA Go USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our happy, happy girl! Her enthusiasm is contagious! I love it when she squeals and jumps up and down with glee when we tell her something fun is 'afoot. Though sometimes we even get this response when calling her to dinner. (Yes, we do feed our child regularly, and no, neither one of us are great cooks. Go figure.)

Some All American Kids - Austin, Alyssa, Noelle and Morgan

Karaoke Divas, Noelle and Morgan, rehearse for their big break. We had hoped that they would be our evening's entertainment and sing along with "the rockets' red glare" but both begged off claiming scratchy throats.

Here's Noelle watching her first ever fireworks. We set off some aerials and spinners and various noise makers. Noelle did fairly well. She was only a little frightened of the loud percussions. She would cling to Eric or me, hide her face, and say "Ba-Boom!". As each firework was lit, however, she relaxed more and more and seemed fascinated by the bright sparkles and flashes of light.

Rainie and Stormie-too really wished they could be outside with all the 'humans'. Their sad furry faces tell quite a story. I was actually impressed that they stuck around for the entire show - the one occurring in our backyard and the more elabrate ones in the yards all around us. They alternated between sitting on the kitchen table (naughty kitties!) and peeking out the screen door.

Getting a close-up of Noelle is a difficult feat. A shiny silver digital device waving mere inches from her face is a temptation she cannot turn down. Getting her to "Hold still!" for a face shot is like saying "Don't move!" to a room full of hungry children, no adults, and a table loaded up with cookies and candy. Ain't gonna happen.
(I apologize for the cock-eyed photo. I didn't take the photo sideways, but no amount of 'computering' (just guesswork) on my part or Eric's (who knows lots more than me) will fix it. But because I thought it was dern cute, I included it here anyhoo.)


Anonymous said...

The land of the free because of the brave.... both this country's Founding Fathers and the men and women of our Armed Forces thoughtout the years.

You said it all.... what a gift it is to live in this country!

Ernie & Nancy

Carla said...

I can't wait to meet her, and don't worry...I can get you a close up of the face. ;) If you want the photo straightened, send it to me. Or download picasa (I think that's the free version that is similar to photoshop). You just need to rotate 90 or 180.

Katie was a little more subdued about the 4th, and only like the "booms" from far far FAR away.

Jennifer&Eric said...


Problem is, we DID photshop the picture, rotate it, etc., but it still posted all funky-like on me!

Go figure!


P.S. We'll be in TN in 3 weeks (leave Aug 4). 'Look forward to meeting you guys, hopefully sooner than later!