Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Special Day for Some Special Friends

Today is the one year anniversary of Miss Reagan's Gotcha Day in China. Reagan is the precious daughter of our dear friends, the Wellman's. She came into her new family quietly, a 10 month old attempting to understand her new situation. Today she is a happy, feisty, funny, healthy 22 month old who is a joy to her parents and the rest of us blessed to know her. We Johnson's say "Hooray!" and "Congratulations!" (It will be so awesome when I get to post the same news about Noelle next March!!!)

There He goes again. God, that is. Putting together more forever-families.

It's a real good thing.


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DannyandLisa said...

It IS a good thing, Jen. Thanks for mentioning our special day here on Noelle's blog. We keep pinching ourselves. How did God know to match us with this particular little spitfire? He must have known we'd have been bored if we weren't constantly on our toes. :) Love you guys! March will be here in a flash, I swear.