Monday, January 26, 2009

Dinner at the 'China Moon'

Primped and ready to go eat

Smile pretty for the camera

There's my handsome man!

Today our family went for dinner at the China Moon restaurant. Each of us wore a traditional Chinese top in honor of the occasion. As described in "Lucky New Year!", the pop up book we've been reading the past month, Noelle made sure to eat the traditional dim sum (well..she nibbled on a dumpling, anyway) and some long noodles (which represents a long life).

During our meal, the hostess came by our table for a chat. Noelle did not converse, as she was too busy filling her mouth, but the friendly woman asked lots of questions and shared about her family coming to the U.S. from the Hunan Province, which is next to the Anhui Province (Noelle's). Then a bit later, our waitress visited our table to 'ooo' and 'aah' over Noelle. Noelle was mostly finished eating at this point, so the young lady received several food-filled smiles from our silly girl. She even took a family photo - nearby diners chuckled and said things like "Awww look! How cute!". Surprisingly, Noelle even let our waitress carry her back to the hostess station where they poked and tickled Noelle while chatting briefly in Chinese. As we walked through the restaurant on our way out, Noelle waved to everyone and shouted, "Happy Chinese New Year!" It was a very fun and yummy evening spent together as a family.

Full coverage bib - a much needed ingredient for any toddler eating at the buffet

Digging in with both hands


Noelle is reading us her fortune

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Amy Woods said...

Ok, I know you'll think I'm weird BUT...she kind of looks like Eric! I love it! Happy Chinese New Years!!