Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Noelle's Health

Our little gal has had a lingering night time cough for weeks and weeks. Some time ago we went to see Dr. Jeanie for a diagnosis and an antibiotic. She determined it was a nasal infection and said the drainage led to fits of coughing, especially at night. The meds helped and cleared up all the symptoms, except for that night time cough.

Then, just as we thought she had conquered even that- the night time coughing has come back with a vengeance, accompanied by a snot filled nose. Soooo, she was back in Dr. Jeanie's office again today. Fortunately Noelle finds this very thrilling. In fact, no boo-boo is too small for a trip to the doctor, even the ones that Super-Mom with her x-ray vision can't see.

So the doc says there is "rattling" in one of Noelle's lungs (unlike our previous visit) and she may have "walking pneumonia". Oh fun. She's now on zithromax for 5 days. Jeanie say this should get the infection but the night time cough will probably linger for a few more weeks. Darn that baby monitor by our bed...

Last bit of news is that we are also having Noelle tested for melamine in her system, which can lead to kidney stones or more serious complications. Noelle's time in the orphanage fits the time frame for when many Chinese formulas on the market were being tainted with the substance.

How are we getting a urine sample for the tests to be run? Very carefully and creatively. This evening Noelle "practiced" tinkling into a sterile cup. We collected several 'drops' of urine during approximately 5 trips to the bathroom, after which point I decided to throw modesty to the wind and ditch the diaper. I let Noelle play with her toys in the living room and asked her every 5 minutes to tinkle in the cup. Her reply was usually "No thanks.". She was more interested in reveling in her new-found freedom. She took great joy in rolling around on the carpet and couches (presumably to experience the texture of synthetic fibers on her derriere) and giggled with glee.

We only had 2 accidents on the rug.


After we get a 'proper' collection submitted to the lab, I'll be sure to let you all know the results of the melamine test.

I couldn't resist a few photos of Noelle's indecent exposure.

I thought this one would be acceptable.

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