Wednesday, January 21, 2009

psst! something new is on the horizon...

OOOOOOh I wish I could tell you what it is!!

It's silly really, to even put a post on the blog, 'cause I have nothing concrete to share. (hence, the vague nature of my post)

But something is brewing in the Johnson family.

Eric and I (and even little Noelle, in her own way) are praying daily for God's guidance.

This "something" - if it becomes "something" - is wonderful and scary and exciting, and causes me to have vivid dreams at night, and weep during times of prayer with hopeful "what if--" emotion.

Got you curious? Good. ;-)

I'll post more information as God makes it clear to us.

(Stop the Rumor Train Here: NO, we are not moving. We love Chattanooga and our church family. So don't go getting any wacked ideas about that. Okay? This "something" is all good!)


Carla said...

another child?! Huh?!!!! ;) Well that WAS my first thought.

Amy Woods said...

I will be praying for you guys during this time of searching and waiting. We are praying for guidance on "something" too. I think of you so often, Jennifer!

Jennifer and Eric said...

te he he he he ;o)

Jennifer and Eric said...


Your prayers are so appreciated. I, too, often think of you and your family and little Adiah and wish we could see you again.

Now--- wazup with YOU?!? Now I'M curious! (I'll pray for the Wood's family mystery and eagerly await news on the blog)

Sharon said...

Just saw your post on the yahoo group. I loved watching you travel last year. We are approaching our year anniv. and can hardly believe it!! Noelle is as gorgeous as ever!!! Congrats!!