Friday, March 27, 2009

A Journey Ending and Another Beginning

Know what I just realized???

Today our journey to adopt Noelle officially ends. Our final post placement visit with our social worker is this very afternoon. And that's our last act with our agency for China to complete Noelle's adoption 'process'. Although the adoption was legal in China, these post adoption visits had to be completed to reassure China they had placed Noelle in a good home. Of course, our journey as parents will continue on, but we've been at this adoption stuff for just about 3 years now. Amazing! So now we can relax and enjoy the ride, right? well...

Today our journey to adopt our daughter from Taiwan officially begins!! We are writing our very first $check$ (many, many more checks to come...) for her adoption and dropping it off with our completed application to our home study social worker. Woohoo!!! (Oh, just wait 'till I show you the list of stuff we have to do for Tennessee. And I though Missouri home studies were lengthy!) We are also FedEx-ing a notarized document (with more money enclosed, of course) to Washington, D.C. to request another certified birth certificate for Eric. This process takes up to 8 weeks, all because my sweet hubby was born in Iceland! (the US Naval base) It makes everything that little bit more challenging when you are a foreign born US citizen. But we did this before. We'll do it again. :)

Well, the day has begun. We have a window open in the kitchen and the birds are singing away and the air smells soooo fresh. Our little munchkin will be stirring soon and I have a shower to take before we launch into the business of this day. See ya'll later!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this new day, this beautiful morning. Thank you for bringing us down this road of adoption. Thank you for the 'words-cannot-explain' precious daughter you've given to us - Noelle JiaZhen. And we praise your name for the privilege of beginning this journey again to bring another precious daughter into our hearts and home.
We love you, Heavenly Father. Amen.

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Amy Woods said...

Wow, Jennifer!! We are having nearly identical days tomorrow! Tomorrow is our final post placement visit for Adiah and our very first home study for this new adoption!! Who knew????? Well, I know who knew but I'm just sayin'! Have an amazing day!!