Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Information About "her""!!!

About this little 8 year old gal in Taiwan we are praying about adopting--

This past week we discovered her on yet another agency waiting child photolisting. Via several emails with an agency rep, we received a bunch of photos and wonderful new information regarding her background, health status, and emotional health. The news was so encouraging that I cried onto my BlackBerry as I was reading in the car (don't worry, Eric was driving).

For one, she has a medical condition that we have been researching, wanting to be prepared to provide the care she needs. Her pediatrician says, however, that it appears her body may be, for lack of a better word, healing itself. Yipee!

Secondly, we realize that adopting an older child may have many challenges regarding issues of family integration and developing trust, security and attachment. For a child who has deep emotional hurts in her young life, it is crucial that we be prepared to be patient and loving whatever happens, and ready to seek outside help if needed. Sensing God leading us to "her", however, I've been preparing my heart to love a wounded child. One of the recent evaluations in her file gives us great hope that God is bringing healing to this sweet young lady's heart and spirit. Oh, how I long to put my arms around her and reassure her that she is loved - by her first family and by her new forever family (whomever that may be...). I hate not being there for her as she lives day to day in a Taiwanese orphanage. So instead, we pray daily for her emotional and physical well being. And we pray that she will recognize her Heavenly Father's arms of love about her even when she thinks she is all alone.

Thirdly, she really wants a family to call her own. She understands that she will likely be adopted separately from her siblings (ugh! so painful - wish we could take them all!), though hopes to remain in contact with them. She knows she will probably go to the United States. She has learned some English, and spent 5 weeks here in the U.S. during a summer hosting program. Awesome! I am told that everyone who spent time with "her" absolutely fell in love with her. She is described as a very sweet, fun loving, girly-girl; cute, curious, active, and personable. And there are currently a couple families expressing interest in adopting her... (:~0

We have also been given the contact information for her host family so we can ask questions to our hearts content. What a blessing and an amazing resource! I'm currently compiling a long list of questions to ask...

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