Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Attention Readers!!! (especially you "silent" ones)

I know there are lots of family members/relatives and friends from back in Richmond, and elsewhere, who read our blog. 

(ok, yes, i'm sorry. i know it's been a bit lame around here the last couple months. i.e. lack of photos and cute noelle stories and so forth. very sorry about that.  but i digress...)

My guess is that many of you also check in with our Taiwan adoption blog from time to time as well (sure hope so!!).  If you haven't checked there recently, let me share that I have created a PRIVATE BLOG where I will be posting more personal details of our Taiwan adoption process and information about the little gal we are adopting...information you will not see anywhere else!!! 

Here's the catch.  I think you have to have an email account, possibly even a Google account (i.e. Gmail account) to be able to read the blog.  I could be totally wrong about that, but I'm looking into it.

Here's how it works: 
1.  If you want to be a "reader" of our new private Taiwan blog, you will need to provide me with your email address. 
2.  Then Blogger (that's the blog program I use) will send you an email invitation for you to be a reader. 
3.  To read our blog, you will go to our website and sign in with your email address and a password you create. 
(4.  Or something to that effect.  I'll get back to you with the specifics.  If anyone reading this post knows for sure how the email thing works, will you let me know in the comment section?  Thanks!)

This is how our blog will stay private.  Only folks authorized by me can see any of the content on the private blog.  This format will allow me to speak freely about our adoption process without the fear of strangers, or internet lurkers, or even people in Taiwan seeking info about our future daughter, being able to have access. Cool, hu?

So all this is to say...I hope you will join us over on the new blog!! 

And in the mean time, just for fun, get yourself an Google email (gmail).  Just to be on the safe side, or until I know what I'm doing.  Just type http://www.google.com/ into your internet browser; click on "Gmail" at the top of the page; click on "Create an account" on the lower right portion of the page; and follow the brief instructions.  That's it! 

The new blog site will be found at:  www.johnsonfamilyadoption2private.blogspot.com


Judi said...

I'd like to be included. My email address is:

Nancy said...

I already have a Google account, using my AOL address. However.... when I tried to sign on to your new blog, the page said that I needed an invitation to view.

We would like to keep up.... pretty please? We use NCOZADD@aol.com

Carla said...

Me too please!!! :)

Joy said...

I left a message on your other blog or another post and I think I forgot to put my email address.