Saturday, December 22, 2007

In case of fire...

When you put 5 whole months of your life into something, you want it to last.

When we applied to America World to begin the process to adopt from China, we entered into a phase of our lives that adoptive parents "affectionately" call The Paper Chase. This intensive process culminates into what is called the dossier (a.k.a. our entire personal, professional and financial lives - on paper) which is then sent to China for review (The Paper Pregnancy).
The outrageously fat binder above contains all the paperwork, documents, passports, certificates, etc. etc. that we file away safely then take with us to China when we go adopt Noelle. I know where this binder is at all times. Nobody messes with this binder (Eric has to ask for permission). If we have a house fire or natural disaster, this is the first item to come with us, even before the kitty cats. It's that important. Seriously.

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