Thursday, December 20, 2007

Miracles along the way...

This whole adoption process has been one miracle after another. We stepped out on faith from day one, not knowing where the money would come from to adopt our baby girl, and not knowing where we would end up. But God is faithful. I'd like to share just a few of the extra special miracle-blessings God has done for us recently.

1. Noelle was with her first family for approximately one month before she was taken to the orphanage. That means her parents held her and rocked her and fed her and loved her for a whole month before circumstances compelled them to place her for adoption. These first weeks are so important in an infant's life, and we feel blessed that Noelle had this time with her biological parents (please pray for them, as we know this loss of their little girl is very painful).

2. Noelle has been part of an "assisted fostering program" since she's been in the orphanage. This means that she has been assigned a foster nanny who has been giving her the love, care, attention, play time, etc. that many children in many orphanages do not have access to.

3. Noelle has the same heart condition as Grandma Johnson. Who knew? Literally no one, except God. Cool!

4. God moved our paperwork out of the "healthy child" review track just in the nick of time (literally one day!) to be able to get our LOI sent in without the expected 5-6 month RA wait. Amazing! (In case you didn't know - God moves mountains!)

5. Noelle means "Christmas; Christ's birth". Getting "the call" on December 7th - finding out we have a daughter - is the very best present of all! :)

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