Thursday, December 20, 2007

Writing our LOI to China

After receiving our referral, the next big step is writing the "Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan for the Child", commonly referred to as the Letter of Intent (LOI). This is the letter that goes to the Chinese officials to persuade them that we will be wonderful parents for the special needs child our agency has selected for us. In this letter we describe how we have consulted with doctors about Noelle's medical condition, that we have an ongoing plan for treatment, that we have insurance, that we will love her unconditionally, and so on and so forth. Eric and I talked about some of the main points we wanted to include, then I was off to the computer.

I was a wee bit concerned while composing this letter as our words could have a strong influence on the decision of the adoption officials. You see, since our agency selected us for this particular child (instead of the usual manner in which China selects a child for us), they still have the right to approve or decline us for her adoption. All these things were in my mind as I typed away. But in the end, my love for Noelle and my trust in God helped the words just flow. Melissa (our family coordinator from our agency) said it was wonderful the first time around and needed no changes or improvements. Yay!!

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