Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet Dreams and Angel Kisses

This room has been waiting for Baby for a very long time, even before the Lord placed adoption on our hearts. Knowing we wanted to start a family, we bought the crib and began decorating with love as we dreamed of the future. Then when God led us to apply with America World to adopt a daughter - a daughter from China we would name Noelle - then our vision for this room started to take shape. Pink pretties started creeping in to the pastel decor and little dresses from Grandma and Auntie were hung in the closet. We were waiting for a daughter.

Now in December 2007, we actually have a face (a beautiful, loveable, kissable little face) to go with the name, and this room has become even more special. I dream of what it will be to like to look down into the crib at her, saying bed-time prayers, giving kisses, and watching our precious little one drift into dreamland. I can only sigh in awe as this amazing gift of a child is soon to be ours. A little girl so deeply loved, even before we knew who she was.

Thank you, Heavenly Father.

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