Wednesday, April 29, 2009

House Update 5

The latest is...

The buyer is not planning to hire an independent inspector, which should save us some money in the end (since we are paying all closing costs - part of the deal). They are hiring a termite inspector (not sure who pays for that) and hopefully the house will still be bug free.

The lender did send in an independent inspector in today to appraise the house. Since it had been raining for days in Richmond, and our 100 year old house has a rock foundation and "cellar" type basement, he says, "Oh the basement is wet. You have to have a sub pump in here or we can't do the loan."

OOOOOkay. Whatever. It shouldn't be too expensive. But I don't think the guy understands these type of houses. It's been the nature of the thing for the last 100 years and we've never had a problem in all the time we lived there. But okay. If that's all we have to do, then we're good with that.

I believe the buyer has until May 6th to add anything else to the contract he wants us to do/fix. If nothing costly is added (our "profit" margin is very slim), then we will accept the deal on May 13th, sign and shake hands...and breathe a big sigh of relief. And Praise God!!

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Carla said...

praying NOTHING big comes up!!!