Monday, April 13, 2009

remember our MO house?

We made a counter offer last night and will see if this gentleman accepts. It turns out, however, there are some other "possibilities" that may be presenting themselves if this potential buyer doesn't pan out. We are rookies at the house selling thing, so this whole process is intense/stressful. We are really asking God to lead us in the right direction.
We did receive an offer (very low) and are praying about a counter offer. We are asking God to navigate the process for us. We may not walk away with a penny, but our freedom may be just what God is planning...? 'Will let you know if a deal is made. Please pray that we have wisdom and discernment. Thanks!
Well it still hasn't sold -- though we really need it to.

A potential buyer is coming to look at it 5pm Central Time today...

Please pray!!! (oh i hope this is The One...)


Judi said...

I hope and pray that your house sells! Our daughter has been trying to sell her house for two years. Hopefully the market will start to pick up soon for everyone who is trying or needs to sell their house!

DannyandLisa said...

Any word yet?