Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our 1st Big Bump on the Road to Adopting "her"

Yesterday was a painful and disappointing day. And we still feel pretty crummy this morning. Actually it feels like we received a devastating blow. Like adopting "her" from Taiwan was just a sweet dream but not a reality. That's what it feels like.

We received the long awaited news from our CPA about our 2008 taxes. What will our 2008 tax refund be using the federal adoption credit now that we have Noelle?!?..... :)

The answer is: zero, zilch, nada

Turns out, because of the way the taxes (considered self-employment tax), income benefits, etc. are structured for a pastor, we do not have a large enough tax liability to take advantage of the credit. And likely never will.

So the chunk of money we had been counting on to fund the first portion of our Taiwan adoption, has not just vanished into thin air, it never WAS.

This news was a big surprise- shock, more like it. We are still trying to wrap our minds around the cold hard truth. But what I keep reminding myself is, God was not surprised.......

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