Thursday, April 16, 2009

Proud To Be An American!!

Here's a photo of Old Glory!

(more photos added below)

I attended our local Tax Day Tea Party yesterday afternoon. This national event was sponsored by citizens in cities across America. It was an opportunity for people to cross political, religious, and economic lines to unite behind a common purpose - to send a clear message to our law makers - that we want to see an end to wasteful government spending of our hard-earned money. We had a great turnout and some very invigorating speakers and local musicians. We signed petitions, waved signs, hooted, hollered and just had lots of fun as freedom-lovin' Americans!

One of the most exciting segments of the event (for me personally) was when the entire crowd took time out to call our president and lawmakers! Countless numbers pulled out their cell phones and called President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, etc. and well as their own state congressional leaders (we had participants from Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama in attendance).

I tried several times and never could get through the presidential comment line, but did leave a message on Senator Reid's phone, left a message with Senator Pelosi's aide,...and actually got into a somewhat lengthy and lively debate with Senator Frank's aide!!

I hate to admit this was my first time to make a phone call such as this. I've wanted to do so many times over many issues of concern, but never quite worked up the courage. That's probably why I was so stinkin' nervous when I found myself talking to a man (Sen. Frank's aide) who wanted to debate me! And that was my first call!

My heart was pounding and I had to shoot up several silent prayers for wisdom. I knew I probably wasn't going to change this man's mind, but I did want him to take me seriously as an intelligent citizen who had valid points worth listening to. And surprisingly, the longer we went, the more confident I got. I could tell he was surprised and frustrated that I was keeping up and even "besting" him point for point. Just as I was about to make a really great zinger he cut me off with something to the effect of, "Ma'am, you've been bamboozled by such n such blah blah, thank you for calling, goodbye."

And that was that. I was listening to a dial tone. And it felt pretty good. :)

The people around me were having little success at getting through to anyone, so when they saw I had spoken to a live person, they wanted the play by play. Everyone there was just so pumped up and excited. It felt good to be standing up; to be doing something.

I feel amazingly blessed to be living in a land founded on Godly principles, and a land that still values free speech. It was a good day. And this was just the beginning. Now we shall see how or if our lawmakers respond.

Here's a partial shot of the crowd 2 hours into the event. And the crowd continued to grow as people getting off work joined us.

The other side of my crowd shot

The stage

You can see some of the news vans in the background. We did get some coverage!

Here is one of the petition tables where we signed to RE-RATIFY the U.S. Constitution. In other words, "Lawmakers in Washington, Please govern by this document and not not by one of your own impression or creation!"

The couple you see on your right are some nice folks I met on my way to the event. I parked quite a distance away and was grateful to run into these people who knew how to get where we were going!

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