Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Touches in Noelle's Room

While mom and dad were visiting over Christmas we had to, of course, visit a few baby stores. Mom and I oo'd and ah'd over the cutesy teddy bears and pink outfits while the guys hid yawns behind their hands... (actually, they did very well) They followed us around Target and BabiesRUs without even a whimper. I was quite impressed.

I was also impressed with how I exercised self-control by not blowing our budget on baby items. At the end of the day, our shopping bags contained only 3 items for Noelle's room. Can you spot the new items in the pictures below?

Looking in the doorway to her room-- Do you see the little white wall shelf? I've had that tucked away in the closet for a while, but Eric just put it up. I added the framed photo of Noelle, the doll baby, and the little flowered piggy bank. On the wall straight ahead where you see the 'home' plaque, we will be replacing that with Noelle's name in painted letters.

We didn't purchase this Precious Moments photo frame - it was actually a Christmas gift from my Aunt Nora - but I wanted to show off how cute our daughter's picture looks inside it. :)

Item #1 - The white plaque with the colorful flower hooks

Item #2 - The matching flower knobs for the furniture and closet doors

Item #3 - The matching light switch plate next to the closet (a bit difficult to see in this photo)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer! The room is precious! Maybe you should take up interior decorating!

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are for you and Eric!

Angie and Nattie