Monday, January 28, 2008

FedEx arrives - UPS goes out

I about wanted to hug the man when he handed this package into our eagerly waiting arms. As it was, I did try to take a picture of him holding our Referral Approval envelope, but found our camera to be unresponsive due to dead batteries. When I expressed my woes, I thought he Might be persuaded to wait while we changed out the old batteries. But he failed to grasp the import of the situation and merely said goodbye as he headed back to his truck. Too bad for Him. He could have been famous, here on our blog for all to see.

The fancy looking document above is the Referral Acceptance or Letter of Acceptance from China. We checked the little box that said 'We accept the adoptee mentioned above (Lu Jia Zhen)', signed our names, dated it, photocopied it, slipped it gingerly yet eagerly into the waiting UPS Next Day Air package, and Eric was off to give it to Tony (our friendly neighborhood UPS guy).

Since about 5:00pm I have been regularly checking the UPS website waiting for our package to show up in the system, to start making its way to the AWAA offices in McLean, VA. It hasn't shown up yet, but don't worry. I'm keeping my eye on it.

Eric signs his name. Good penmanship, honey!

Bye, bye pretty brown envelope!
Take good care of our LOA and deliver it safely to Melissa!

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