Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poor kitty

Today when we came home from church, one of our kittens, Rainie, was huddled, scared and shivering, out by our front door. We have no idea how she got out (our cats are all indoor cats). Her collar was missing and she had 'nasty yuck' all over her. Poor kitty.

Upon further investigation we discovered that she had gotten her head stuck in between the porch rungs, lost her collar (we're scared to even think how that happened), and soiled herself, apparently out of pure terror. Poor, poor kitty.

And to make matters worse, our other kitten, Stormie-too, now thinks Rainie is something bad and evil to be shunned from the house. She has been hissing and slapping and scratching at Rainie anytime she comes near. 'Hope that doesn't go on much longer.

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