Saturday, February 2, 2008

Please pray for our daughter

Dear friends,
Yesterday evening we received an email from Melissa at AWAA that we had received updated referral documents for Noelle. The translated information told us that she had been hospitalized on December 5th through 11th for "proteinuria for 3 months". This is the term for excessive protein in the urine, and can be caused by many things. We have very little information as to the cause, severity, treatment, prognosis, etc. as the translation stated that the medical documents were illegible in many places. We have been doing research on the internet to discover what this may mean, and have found a wide range of possibilities, from mild and treatable to very severe. We have emailed Melissa to request the complete medical information from the orphanage / hospital. We have also emailed this new information to our Internation Adoption Doctor from Children's Mercy Hopsital.

Please pray that the orphanage will quickly and happily work with us and AWAA to provide the complete information (don't know how the Chinese holiday Feb. 6-12 will affect this). We are also praying for a swift date of travel so we can be with our daughter to better care for her.

We are trying to stay calm and trust in Jesus for her care. Please join with us in praying for Noelle's full and complete health.

Thank you all,
Jennifer and Eric

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