Tuesday, February 5, 2008

China's terrible storms...Please pray for the little ones

Those of us in the Chinese adoptive community have been receiving word the past couple of weeks that Central and Southern China is seeing the worst winter storms in 50 years. This is causing much difficulty for the orphanages spread throughout China. Many are without power and heat, lacking in food and medical supplies, and running out of diapers and other necessities. Public transportation is not running in many areas, so the nannies are forced to walk long distances to get to work or are stranded at their orphanages. Please be in prayer for these needy children and their loving caregivers (many of whom are using their own money to purchase food, blankets, etc. for the children in their protection).

For current updates, visit Half the Sky at http://www.halfthesky.org/work/littlemouse.php
You can also make donations there to help these precious children in need.

Regarding Noelle's orphanage in Hefei, they report that the children are warm and well fed but are quickly running out of diapers. They are asking for money to be able to purchase 7,500 disposable diapers.

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