Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine Visas...!

On Thursday, FedEx delivered our passports with our visas. The visas are essentially China's "permission slip" for us to enter their country. I had always wondered what a visa was, assuming it was just another document. In fact it is a beautiful stamp (actually, a colorful, official-looking 'sticker') on one of the pages in our passport. There are 16 remaining 'entry & departure' pages
for us to fill up with visas for all our future foreign excursions (I wish...). The goofy thing is, the officials didn't put the visa all nice and orderly on the first blank page (page 8). They put mine on page 16 and Eric's on page 20. Hmmm. Odd.

Then today, we took a trip to our local Sears Portrait Studio and had our final set of passport photos made. These pictures will accompany certain documents we have to take with us to China. I must share a frustration, however. Why is it my husband always manages to look cute in his photos, and I always look like I'm on cold medicine or have put on 40 pounds? He doesn't even comb his hair (well, there's not much there), while I fuss and primp and choose just the right outfit? Where is the justice in this, I ask.

Then, to top it off, when the little gal asked me how I liked my pictures, I said something like, "Not so much" and she says, "Well, they look like you."

Thanks. Thanks a lot.


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