Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TA dreamin'

Oh where oh where has our TA gone?
Oh where oh where could it be?
La la la la la la la la la...

Folks, still no signs of our blessed, yummy, delicious, desirable, wonderful, outstanding, marvelous, happy-happy-day TA.

I see February 28 travel slipping out of my fingers.

I see March on the horizon. (I'm working on coming to terms with that.)

March 6th? March 6th? Is that YOU?


Tina said...

Love the song! Where are our TAs? I keep thinking every day that "today's the day" and then 5pm EST comes and no call. Lauren at AWAA said that if we don't hear something soon March 6th may be out and March 27th would be the next date....
Praying tomorrow will be "the day" for both of us!

Jennifer&Eric said...

I'm praying hard for March 6th! God can do it! :) I look forward to being travel buddies and getting to know your family.