Friday, February 29, 2008

This time it's truly official - We are leaving on MARCH 12th!!!

We spoke this morning on the phone with Kristen, our America World travel coordinator, and we have received our concrete travel dates. The previous post was the unofficial news. This is the official news. :) We are leaving one day earlier than expected, Wednesday March 12th at 8:04am!

AWAA was able to secure a much better price for the group's tickets by leaving a day early. It means one less day to prepare the house and pack, but it also means we will have one extra day in Beijing to settle in. There are currently 18 non special needs families and 3 (possibly as many as 6) special needs families going on this trip, and that extra day will actually give us more time to get to know the other families. We're really looking forward to this aspect of the trip. Eric and I, as first time parents, will have the support of many other 'pros', and Noelle and the other kiddos will have lots of little friends to play with. What memories we will have! I can hardly think of anything else to say other than, "Thank You Jesus!!!"

12 days and counting...

(BTW, some of you may be wondering whatever happened with the frequent flier miles Eric's sister Kellie wanted to donate. Unfortunately we found out we would not be able to use them, for a number of reasons. It's okay, though. God has used the amazing generosity of loved ones to provide everything we need. We just really want to say how much we appreciate the bigheartedness of Kellie and her husband Scott. Thanks guys!!)

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