Monday, February 18, 2008

"Journey into Parenthood" Shower

Sunday afternoon was my baby shower. Two dear friends from church, Dawn and Joan (a dynamic mother-daughter duo) pulled off a fabulicious shower! (You gals made me feel SO special and SO loved. I love you guys! You rock!)

Everything was kept secret from me. I knew the where and the when, but all other details were a mystery. I walked into the dojo (that's "martial arts-speak" for the building where Eric and I teach karate classes) to see it transformed. It was covered in streamers, candles, flowers, colorful tablecloths and more. The room went from jock-tough to soft girlie-girlie. I loved it!

I was also amazed at the great turnout. In spite of the winter storm that had come in overnight and that morning, we had a sizable group of ladies; only a handful were stuck at home due to the snowy roads. And I can say that...

...We kept cozy inside with the warmth of laughter and friendship

(Hey, you think Hallmark Cards will want to hire me for that verse?)

Seriously though, it really was a lot of fun, and I was super impressed with the creative shower games (Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy, Pass-And-Unwrap-The-Gag-Gift-and-Do-Embarassing-Things game, Name That..., Fill In The..., etc.). I haven't laughed that hard in ages! Good times. Good times.

Next was time to sip some punch and cut the cake. And oh the cake... Not only was it yummy, but look below to see why I got teary eyed on this one.

Snack time was a great opportunity for the ladies to get acquainted, many of whom had never met. The crazy games loosened everyone up so the chatting and munching could begin. This group of shower goers was quite a motley crew. We had neighbor friends, ladies from church, friends we had met through various community ministries, parents of current karate students, fellow martial arts training partners, work friends and more. I was also thrilled to have a very dear AWAA friend Lisa W. (and her dear husband and cutie-pie daughter), risk life and limb by driving 2 hours on icy roads just to see me. Awww shucks, girlie! ;-)

Then... The Gifts. :) This grande finale was not for the faint of heart. Joan kept handing me present after present; Dawn feverishly recorded the gift list. I'm telling you, these ladies blew me away with their kindness and generosity. So many thoughtful gifts and several handsewn-with-love items.

Thank you all for making this day such a special one. Thank you for the "group hug" of prayer for our little family. And thank you for making Eric and me feel so loved and cared for. We are SO glad to have you all in our lives!!

(Note: Our friend Lisa R. from church took all the pictures. Thank you so much, Lisa, for capturing our special day!)

The cake table---

Look at this cake-- (that's my baby!)

Eric and I seeing the cake for the first time (my eyes filling with tears)--

The "throne" or "seat of honor" it was called. I called it "the hot seat". Dawn, do I really gotta sit up there all by myself? Huh? Do I? :)

Fun and highly creative shower games--

I can't get over the generosity of our friends. Look at all these gifts! This is not even everything; more gifts have come since the shower. I am blown away. Thank you SO much, everyone! (Mom,-- You wanted to see what I received at the shower. Here it is...)

The last gift I received, a place for precious momentos of this happy day and times ahead with Noelle--
I had done so well the whole afternoon, but when I saw her little face peeking up at me, that's when the tears started--
P.S. I want to say it again-- Dawn and Joan, you rock!!! I love you gals! :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your shower. I (and mom) were so happy to do it for you. The pics are great and love you too.

Jennifer&Eric said...

Awwwwww... :) Right back at 'cha!

Big Hugs!!!


DannyandLisa said...

Jen, I was THRILLED to be with you on your special shower day! I'm so glad you had fun and felt loved. I'm praying for that TA. I KNOW YOUR PAIN so any whining, pouting, tantrum-throwing you need to do, come to me.

Redmom2005 said...

What a GREAT shower! I love the picture of the cake :) And, congratulations on your TA!!! It won't be long and you'll have your arms around that precious little girl!

Erin DeNicolo
adoptedfromhefei yahoo group

Jennifer&Eric said...

Thanks Erin, I hope you are right! I pray that the time until you travel to your Ashley comes very, very soon!

Jennifer&Eric said...


I may need to take you up on your offer -- to keep my sanity! ;-)

Love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

The shower was a lot of fun! Mary and I really enjoyed seeing you, and all fo us felt priviledged to share your special day. When the time is right, and you, Eric and Noelle are comfortably settled in, we look forward to meeting your precious China doll!